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With a career spanning 30 years in fashion, design, and production, Leah Moon has an exceptional eye for color and shape. Playing roles from stylist to interior designer, she is a seasoned professional in the creative industry and a multi-talented artist.


At a young age, she began her career coordinating fashion shows and then using her experience to style photo shoots with famous photographers and designers.  Through her experience being a wardrobe stylist, she began doing hair and makeup for the models she was styling.  She has worked on many film sets & photo shoots as a wardrobe stylist and as a hair & makeup professional, making her an all encompassing creative powerhouse. 


As she progressed her career in all things aesthetic, she has developed a keen eye for interior design, turning homes into pieces of art. She’s worked across the U.S. & internationally on interiors and has designed them for dozens of homes and businesses. 


All-in-all, Leah Moon has been strategic in learning all aspects of the industry.  From hair, makeup, wardrobe, set design, production, to interior design, Leah will ensure your project comes to fruition. 

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